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14 January 2014 @ 02:00 am

Hola! First entry in 2014 and just to announce that I'm leaving fandom. Nice, uh? XD

How are you everyone? I hope you're all good.

Without further ado, just like what the title said, I'm here to inform you that I'm leaving Johnnys Fandom.
To be honest, the reason is only one: bored.
Well, you know people change. And I'm just an ordinary fangirl that can feel bored with something.
Since you already know, the latest entries I posted here were no longer about Johnnys. I lost my interest in Johnnys about few months ago, when I started to be addicted to books. I thought my interest will come again soon, but the fact is, it's not. .

I found another fandoms that make me feel good and comfortable. But please don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't feel comfortable in this fandom. Just like what I said, I'm bored. I need something new. And now I found it. And I want to try it.
It's not a bad thing to try something new, isn't it?
I want make new friends and encounter new experiences in different fandoms.
Come on... it's still the starter of new year, you know! XD

Since the first time I joined this fandom about 4 or 5 years ago, I was aware that I'm not that kind of fangirl who will get 'blind' because of these idols. For me, bullying my biases is mean I love them. The more I love them, the more I bully them XDD
I admitted since then that only few of JE boys that can really sing. And I know they do lipsync in many performances in TV shows and even in  their concerts, but even so, I still love and support them. Even tho they have their own talents, but still, their main job is a singer, right? And now.... I realized that, I think I deserve to get a better fanservice than just dancing and lipsync concerts XD
Again, don't get me wrong, even tho they do lipsyncs, it's not that they're not good in the other field. They're amazing in their own way.

I'm not a loyal fangirl either. Bcz I can't stay in only one fandom. I get bored easily if I only in one fandom. And I'm glad that I didn't waste my money that much on these fandoms XD I don't buy useless goodies; like photosets, photobook, seriously what the hell will you do with those pics? Stare to the pics and hoping that they will love you back? XDD Oh come on... They don't even give a shit that you are exist XD No offense. I'm just too stingy and too realistic LOL :p
Bcz I'm aware that this day would come one day, so I didn't want to spend my money for something useless. And here it is, the day I decided to leave has finally come. And since I don't really give contributions to this fandom too, so I think no one will be sad for losing me in this fandom, uh? XD

It's not that I will leave forever though. No. Not yet. I know I'll come again one day, eventually. But this time I just feel so bored.
I'm still into anime and Jrocks tho. I just feel bored in Johnnys XD
So I won't be on LJ and twitter for a while.
But I'll be still on tumblr (I'm too lazy to make new acc), even though I no longer reblogging and posting about Johnnys. I'm sorry if you're one of my friend on tumblr. Feel free to unfollow me. This is my life. And it's all up to me what fandom I want to be in. And so do you. It's up to you if you still want to be my friend or not ^^

Thank you so much for being my fellow janiwota for these years.
Because of this fandom I encountered many amazing people and amazing experiences.
I'm so glad that I met you all.
Thank you thank you thank you soooo much!
I won't forget you. And I'll be missing you.
See you again next time. Bye.


07 July 2015 @ 12:52 pm

welcome to my LiveJournal  にっこり
my LJ is semi-friend locked  鍵カギ


*updated August 2012*



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10 December 2013 @ 09:04 am

Hi! This is me who is recently addicted to books! XD
Yes, I'm a newbie bookworm! LOL
I've never been like this before. I didn't really like reading. But now, I spend most of my free time to read. And I like it.
And this is why I'm not really into Johnnys fandom recently. Despite I love JUMP's new song, I don't really pay attention to them like i used to.
Any of you that is also a bookworm or like reading like me?
I made a goodreads account sometimes ago, if any of you also like reading, please add me! :D
I only have 8 friends there now XD
I'd be so happy if i have janiwota friends who are also a bookworm.
Now I can list all books i want to read, the books i have read, and I currently read.
But I don't really give a review since my English is not really good lol
でも頑張る!(ง •̀_•́)ง
So many books i want to read but don't have enough time to 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。
And if you want to read the books I have read, or I currently read, I have the ebooks. I can re-upload them if you're interested xD
Or just simply leave your email address and tell me what books you want to read, I will email them for you :)

First of all, I'm soooo sorry if i didn't respond any comments. It wasn't that I didn't want to, it's because LJ didn't give me notifications! Dx
All i got in my inbox are bday notifications which are really annoys me -__- lol
But then when I open LJ home, i just found out that.....
Manage Comments
There are comments since 3 weeks ago!! ;A;
I think it's too late to reply them now. So i'm sorry m(_ _)m

Beside books, now I'm soooooo into Fifty Shades of Grey!! If you're my follower on twitter or tumblr maybe you already know this xD
Well, actually this is why I'm so addicted to books now. All because of Fifty Shades series books.
I can't wait for the movie!
This is from yesterday's set. The first kissing scene for Jamie and Dakota. ASDFGHJKLAMCEOEWNCBUXCAIE

This is only a kissing on the cheek but i already went asdfghjkl XDD
I wonder how the bed scene look like. I'm so excited xDD
His wife is pregnant now, and he has role like this. OMG if I were his wife i'm gonna kill him xDD
I curious with the "Laters, baby!" scene too. If you read the book, you will understand that xD

Sorry for long rants LOL
See ya! (●º╰╯º●)
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09 November 2013 @ 10:38 pm

As always chinese fans already got their copy.. and spoiler everywhere.... (--;)

I can't wait to watch the whole DVD!

especially because of this....



Finally this okajima feeling is back XDD

|| ヘ_ヘヘ_ヘ♡|
|ノ^⌒⌒`⊂⌒⌒ ̄\
( ノ  ⌒   ⌒\
\  || ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄||

good night! *sleeps with yuto* haha

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09 November 2013 @ 10:47 am

I posted my prev entry from Google Chrome in my phone. Actually i put lots of emoji there.
If it's viewed by my phone, it looks like this

But when I check it from laptop, it's all boxes XD
I wonder if i'm tweeting using those emoji they also look boxes in PC?
Cz i don't really tweet from laptop. I mostly tweet from phone. Recently I even doing anything through phone. Lazy to open laptop lol


too bad, i wanted to show you those cute emoji though XDD

06 November 2013 @ 07:04 am

Another random post lol

🎶 Just finished reading Fifty Shades Trilogy sometimes ago. It's interesting and I fall for Christian Grey because of that 💛
Well, as everybody knows these books are NC17. I often read NC17 fics but this one is way more 'dangerous' XDD But the story is interesting. I love the way Christian loves Ana. So possessive and overprotective but soooooo sweet! *melts* I can't wait for the movie! 🎥
And because of these books, now I'm addicted to read similar novels. I've finished reading Too Far Series (Fallen Too Far, Never Too Far, Forever Too Far) by Abbi Glinnes. And currently reading another series by her too. It's still related with Too Far series. The story is more complicated than Fifty Shades. Pretty interesting, BUT i don't really like the ending. It's quite disappointing (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)
After finishing Twisted Perfection and Simple Perfection I'm going to read Thoughtless Series too. My friend said it's very good series. Even better than Fifty Shades 📖
I'm glad that there are so many free eBooks on internet. So I can read many good books and FREE! XD I prefer eBook cuz I can read them through my phone so i can read them everywhere. And I prefer epub files than pdf. It's easier to read epub files in my phone (android phone) since i have no tablet pc.
And because of that, I don't really open my laptop and lost interest in Johnnys thingy (again) LOL

📺 And beside books, I'm so addicted to British sitcom called The IT crowd. It's sooooo damn funny! (*´艸`*) since it's british, i really like the accent 💝

🌸 Keep following anime. But only Kuroko 2 and Golden Time. I was following Yowamushi Pedal too, but kinda boring so i stopped it for awhile. Will continue it again if i feel like want to XD

📷 And oh! I saw Yuto and Shige corner in Potato. They are so gorgeous! (✪▽✪)
Shige isn't my fav in NEWS but i knew he likes photography too, just like Yuto. That's why I'm so happy seeing them talking about camera together. Finally Yuto has someone to talk about camera to XD
And I can't wait for his appearance in Shiwake ((o(´∀`)o))ワクワク

🌟 Tacchon will have new drama again! this time he's the leading actor. AND!!!! His role is as a doctor!! asdfghjkl really can't wait for it!! I like medical drama. And I fell for Yamapi bcz of that too LOL.

i don't know what to say anymore XD
sorry for random post. i really have no idea bout fandom recently haha

バイバイ( ˙³˙ )ノ"
23 October 2013 @ 01:55 pm
keito Qsama

After Inoo and Yabu, finally Keito will also appear in Qsama as representative from Sophia University
November 4, 2013
Terebi Asahi 7 PM - 9.48 PM JST


Yuto shiwake

Yuto will compete Taiko with Tacchon!!
This show will be aired on November 16, 2013
Terebi Asahi 6.56 PM - 8.54 PM JST

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08 October 2013 @ 08:33 am
Yo! 顔文字

I'm here to rant about anime again and Johnnys fandom xD

First, let's talk about Anime! アニメ♢

テレビ Tbh, still a bit sad that my fav anime in last season is end already. I miss makoto 泣き and Kimi no Iru Machi has also ended うわあーんっ I have watched Kimi no Iru Machi - Tasogare Kousaten as well ハート I like Tasogare Kousaten cuz the story only between Eba and Haruto and it's not that 'painful' XD

テレビ Fruits Basket. I finished watching this one too. Not that interesting but good enough. Idk what to comment about this anime lol

テレビ Ai Yori Aoshi and Ai Yori Aoshi - Enishi-. I Just finished watching it few days ago and I really like it!! GOOD It's really good anime! Because the genre is comedy romance XD I want to be like Aoi-chan >□< She is so kind, mature, and polite. If I were a boy I want to marry someone like her xD And I want to have a fiancee like Kaoru-sama too!! 泣き LOL

テレビ Kuroko no Basket. When everybody is watching the 2nd season already, I just started watching the 1st season にっこり Idk when I'll be able to catch up until the 2nd season XDD But I really like this anime too! I like it from the first time i watched the 1st ep. Somehow it reminds me of Buzzer Beat XD
I like Kuroko Wハート Somehow, for me, he looks lil bit similar with Makoto. His eyes!! ハート And he is too 'INOOcent' and honest XDD
So for this season, I will follow Kuroko no Basket 2 too ニコちゃん

テレビ Golden Time. I watched the 1st ep and it's pretty interesting. So for this season I will follow this anime as well ぎょほ Because it's comedy romance anime にこ

テレビ Meganebu. I watched the 1st ep, but I didn't find it interesting. I don't really like it 顔 So I won't follow this anime anymore 笑

Move to Johnnys fandom! おんぷ

てれび Currently I'm addicted to Rの法則 ぽぇ~♪ It's an edutainment show just like Hyakushiki, Shumatsu YY Jumping, etc. And there are Juniors there. I like Jesse from long time ago, but after watch this show, now I fall for Shoki too. He's so adorable ポッ I never noticed that he's a Johnnys XDDD

てれび Hyakushiki is end. It's changed to be a new tv show called モウソリスト the cast is still the same with Hyakushiki, but Fujigaya is now replaced by Shintaro 笑 starts: Oct 16 2013 on Fuji TV フジTV

てれび Yuto in Fukaii Hanashi was so cute, as always. I like his reaction 照れる Next month's Shokura he will appear again with Yabu and the guest is Yamapi, if i'm not mistaken xD

Idk what to flail about Johnnys anymore LOL. Since I don't really follow Johnnys recently 顔3

So that's all~ Haha

byebye またね イシシ
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26 September 2013 @ 01:46 pm
Free! is over 涙
I'm so saddddd cuz it's the first time i'm so into anime and it's bcz of Free! but now it's over 泣き
Why so short?! Why only 12 episodes?! 泣き
I'll be missing this smile 泣き


See you again next year!

Hopefully there will be Free! 2 summer next year! 泣き

I still don't know what anime I will follow this autumn.. maybe megane-bu. It sounds interesting, but idk XD

I miss Makoto already huhuhuhu うわぁぁん
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15 September 2013 @ 11:05 am
Yo! Hisashiburi! XD

As the title said, i want to rant about Anime and JUMP fandom this time. Hehehe

テレビ Anime
Finally, as the recommendation from katrinasacay I finished watching Hanasaku Iroha. It's a good anime. I like the story and how they working hard at their job. I want to be like Ohana-chan. I want someone like Kou-chan too LOL

Now I currently following Fruits Basket. It's so funny. Haven't finished watch it so I can't give any comment yet. lol

 And Free! is always interesting every week. In ep 10 we can see that Rei-chan got jealous towards Rin-chan xD I can't wait to the next ep already!

So does Kimi no Iru Machi. I'm excited for the next ep already! But the ending of ep 9 is lil bit yabai xDD

テレビ JUMParty 3
Maybe most of you already watched it too, but if you haven't, I'm sorry cuz i'm going to give you spoiler here lol
I've watched it 3 times haha にこ
This time they're playing bowling! And as always the 9 of them is divided into 3 groups. This time their groups named: Hey!, Say! and JUMP so not creative lol. Here's the member of each group

JUMParty3 spoilerCollapse )

テレビ Shokura
It's been long time I didn't watch shokura. Because tbh I don't really like the current shokura. It's indeed longer than the previous one but JUMP appearance is getting shorter there. Junior ni Q corner is now with ABC-Z ムムム
And it's no more Daichan there. Shokura without Daichan is so lonely. And because I don't really like kansai Jr, so for me the Kansai Jr corner is unnecessary 苦笑
But last week I watched shokura again, it's because of Yuto, ofc キャハハ
Because last week's theme was "global" so in the opening Jesse speaks in English.

What really amusing was when Yuto asked Jesse in Japanese, Jesse answered it in English. Yuto seemed he understand what Jesse said but actually he doesn't understand it at all hahahaha
And don't you think Yuto lil bit looks like (Nishikido) Ryo-chan in the pic above? Or it's only me? lol にこ

I wanted to write more, but when I'm in front of laptop suddenly I forget what I wanted to write. LOL
So yeah, that's all for now.
Have nice Sunday 笑
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